Urban Realty is located in Orchidhouse Lofts

Orchidhouse Lofts

When we say that Urban Realty is committed to the idea of urban living, we really mean it. You will find our home and offices in the Orchidhouse Lofts. With the great high ceilings, incredible cityscape views and convenient location, we simply could not resist and we think you will feel the same way. We would love to help you find the perfect living space to facilitate your lifestyle. Whether you are interested in the Orchidhouse Lofts or another location, Urban Realty is the perfect group to assist you.

Only the best Tempe lofts

We live and work in the heart of the city because we truly love urban living. There are many great Tempe lofts that can allow you to make your city living dreams a reality. Whether you are hoping to live along the Tempe Town Lake or Mill Avenue, we can help you find your new dream home.

Some people wonder why we are so in love with city living. There are many reasons, starting with the advantages of lofts. Yard work is a thing of the past, traded in for incredible cityscape views. Throughout Tempe, lofts are also a great opportunity to let your own personal ideas in home design run wild. The high ceilings and wide spaces allow you to customize the space to fit your exact needs. Besides all of these benefits, city living allows you to walk instead of drive. Traffic jams are a thing of the past when the office is down the street or, better yet, down the hall. Because everything you need from dining to shopping is within walking distance, urban living in Tempe promotes a community lifestyle that has been missing in recent years. If this sounds like the lifestyle for you, let Urban Realty help you find the perfect living space for your new lifestyle.

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