Flexcar -New mode of transport for Tempe Condo Residents

September 10, 2007

From the ASU State Press:

"ASU Parking and Transit Services (PTS) has announced its partnership with Flexcar, the largest car-sharing company in the United States.

PTS, which is committed to providing sustainable, viable transportation options for the campus community, is bringing Flexcar’s service to the university. The Tempe campus also marks the first site in the state of Arizona where Flexcar will have a presence"...

"Flexcar is a company that provides low-emission, fuel-efficient vehicles for rent. Ten Flexcar vehicles, including Scions, hybrids, trucks and a MINI Cooper, are parked in various locations on the Tempe campus. As of Aug. 28, ASU students, faculty and staff can sign up to become members of Flexcar. The first year’s membership is free for individuals who sign up before Nov. 28. The annual membership fee is $35, but this fee is waived if a member rents a Flexcar at least twice in one year.

Flexcar members can rent a vehicle for an hourly rate, typically between $8 and $10 per hour. Vehicles also can be rented for the day. As an added value, the hourly or daily fee covers all gas, insurance and maintenance expenses"...

"To learn more about Flexcar, visit the Web site www.flexcar.com"
UPDATE: "Flexcar" is now "ZipCar".  Visit them at www.zipcar.com

In my opinion, this is just another way that Tempe continues to pioneer a true urban environment for it's citizens.  Obviously, not everyone will utilize the Flexcar system, but it is a fantastic option for residents and students who call Downtown Tempe their home.

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