"Lumina Tempe" - Why We Are Fans

February 14, 2008

By the time residents of the new "Lumina Tempe" (located at 502 S. College Avenue, Tempe, AZ 85281) development begin to move into their new homes, Tempe will have finished it's main light rail depot, (located right across the street from Lumina) which will stream Lumina residents to Downtown Phoenix, Sky Harbor Airport, sporting events like Major League Baseball and the NBA, among many other cool spots in the Valley.  If all goes as planned, by the time residents of the new Lumina Tempe development begin to move in, downtown Tempe will boast two gourmet grocery stores, multiple pharmacies, much more shopping, many more little bistros, pizzarias and breweries that have made Tempe famous.

All of this is will be on top of the already fabulous environment that exists in Downtown Tempe!  Urban Realty & Development chose to make downtown Tempe the place we live/work & play many years ago because it already had a really vibrant downtown!  In our opinion, it is the best urban environment in the Valley.  Downtown Tempe already has the neighborhood-friendly walkable streets that people crave.  We already enjoy the casual stroll to the coffee shop or riding our bikes around Tempe Town Lake.  We already enjoy the concerts in Tempe Beach Park, the art and theatre at the Tempe Center For The Arts, the Art Festivals along Mill Avenue, the New Years Eve & 4th of July Fireworks celebrations, ASU Sporting events, Marathons & Triathlons, interesting shopping, wonderful restaurants... and as our downtown continues to grow, all of this is just going to get better!

This is one of the reasons why we are so excited about Lumina Tempe.  Very near two years from now, Constellation Properties will deliver something totally unique to Downtown Tempe... a really hip & modern hotel!  This will enhance the Lumina Condominium Residences currently For Sale, and together, will help mold a one of a kind urban experience.  The modern, "Sydney" architecture will add a highly stylized, vibrant atmosphere to the corner of 5th Street & College Avenue.  When this happens, we believe Lumina Tempe will become one of thee hot spots not only for Tempe, but for the entire Valley!

UPDATE: Exclusive Lumina Tempe offer for Urban Realty clients

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Lumina Tempe has been cancelled due to lack of development financing.

Tom Tokoph
Urban Living Broker

About our company:  Urban Realty & Development specializes in the Downtown Tempe Lofts, Townhomes, & Condos market.  We live & work in the heart of downtown Tempe so we have a passion for the area.  We look forward to sharing that passion with you!
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